Video Proof Of Time Traveller In 1928 Talking On Cell Phone

Posted by on October 27th, 2010

This is a clip from “The Circus” a 1928 film by Charlie Chaplin. It shows what looks to be a passerby clutching something to their ear, as one would a cell phone. This has led a few to believe this is proof that a time traveller who has made their way to past with future technology.

But of course, there was no cell phone infrastructure built in 1928 rendering any cellular device useless, leading to only one logical conclusion. The time traveller was obviously using some kind of super awesome communications tech isn’t even conceivable by us now.

Thanks to WT reader Darren Sefran for the tip.


8 Responses to “Video Proof Of Time Traveller In 1928 Talking On Cell Phone”

  1. Tim Schönfeld Says:

    Isn’t it obvious what he is holding? A communication devise with awesome powers from the far future? It’s a white iPhone 4.

  2. ITninja Says:

    My mind is asploded!!!

  3. ITninja Says:

    Oh! Just had a thought! What if it weren’t so much of a Time Traveler as a Visitor? Bad disguise, communicator device that wouldn’t have any earthly counterparts, it fits!

    It was an alien that was observing our civilization a la Star Trek!

  4. EbonNebula Says:

    Personally, I have my doubts about that. You can see her lips moving. In fact it almost seems like her lips start moving at about the same time as she stops, as if turning her attention to the conversation (contemporary people do that all the time). I’d be willing to bet those hearing aids are too impractical to use unless there’s something worth hearing, and what’s there to hear while walking down the street?

    But still, I suppose that’s a completely valid non-crackpot explanation…

  5. ITninja Says:

    The most surprising component to this story is how the National news media actually picked it up.

  6. Inversewave Says:

    I see an old lady who doesn’t want to be on film. I also think the lady is a witch because Her feet are size 25 with pointy toes and it freaks me out!

  7. Joseph Says:

    she was holding an ice pack to her face. obviously, charlie chaplin punched her in the face, like an a-hole.

  8. Joel Says:

    WHY ???