Ghostly Green Comet To Buzz Past Earth Oct. 20

Posted by on October 4th, 2010


You can see it now but make no mistake, the Hartley 2 is coming. Not unlike the Hulk, it’s green, it’s unstoppable and it will come very close to destroying the Earth before moving along peacefully.

Comet Hartley 2 will swoop within 11 million miles of Earth on October 20, one of the closest approaches of any comet in the last few centuries.

Hartley 2 is already visible as a pale green streak in the W-shaped constellation Cassiopeia. NASA astronomer Bill Cooke caught the comet on September 28 in a 4-minute exposure taken from a remotely-controlled telescope in Mayhill, New Mexico (Cooke himself was in his home in Huntsville, Alabama, according to NASA’s Watch the Skies blog).

Who’s having a Hartley 2 party?


  • CW

    A Party!?! No way!! Am I the only one that saw/remembers/liked Maximum Overdrive? I’m buying AC/DC albums and hiding out in a truck stop for a few days until this thing passes over! Although that didn’t work too well in the movie. Throw away your electric carving knives now! Stay away from soda machines!

  • I will bring the hot dogs.

  • I will bring the hot dogs.