Geologists To Drill Into Active Volcano To Save Village

Posted by on October 1st, 2010


How hardcore is this?

Drilling into an active volcanic doesn’t sound like the safest idea, but a plan to do so along a volcano near Naples, Italy, could help protect the city from a potentially catastrophic eruption.

Geologists will drill into the volcanic formation, called Campi Flegrei, early next month. The volcano, part of a larger volcanic arc that includes Mount Vesuvius, last erupted in 1538. The ground around the volcano, however, has been swelling for the past 40 years, stoking fears of an eruption that would threaten the roughly 1 million residents of Naples.

“The role of deep drilling at this area is then crucial,” according to the drilling project description by the International Continental Scientific Drill Program (ICDP), which is planning the drilling study.

This is either the dumbest plan ever or the most metal heroic thing ever conceived and executed.

[Live Science]

3 Responses to “Geologists To Drill Into Active Volcano To Save Village”

  1. idogis1 Says:

    Oh, I hated that movie.

  2. ManusFerrea Says:

    I’m a bit broke… I wonder what the hazard pay is like? Where do I sign up?

  3. Josh Bulloc Says:

    What if they found mole-people drilling back up at the same time?