Who’s Killing All The Babysitters? [WeirdThingsTV]

Posted by on June 12th, 2010

3 Responses to “Who’s Killing All The Babysitters? [WeirdThingsTV]”

  1. Sebastian_Amunategui Says:

    Obviously Samuel L. Jackson has something to do with all the snakes.

  2. Caine6667 Says:

    Clearly Snakes are a lower order of Reptoid and have been ordered by Kris Kristofferson, via telepathic communication, to gather in some undisclosed location to discuss the Reptilian overlords recent loss of power in elections around the world.

  3. TiredCanadian Says:

    I think the loss of snakes can probably be laid at the door of farmers and their use or should I say over use of harsh chemical pesticides. Boo all farmers !! Stupid jerks trying to feed the billions of people and killing all those awesome snakes !!! Snake power, snake power !!