Cursed Bulgarian Phone Number Discontinued After Last 3 Owners Died Suddenly

Posted by on June 4th, 2010

So you get a new phone. It has a new number. You email all your friends with the new info. Then you find out the last person who had this number died suddenly in a hail of gunfire and the dude before him croaked the same way. Oh, the the guy before those two? Cancer.

How excited are you to have the admittedly awesome number of 0888 888 888?

The Mobitel number – 0888 888 888 – has proved to be both easy to memorize and deadly for three successive owners.

The first user – the former CEO of Mobitel – died of cancer in 2001. The number then went to Bulgarian mob boss Konstantin Dimitrov who was gunned down in an Amsterdam ambush in 2003. The final owner of the doomed cell number was another gangster, cocaine smuggler Konstantin Dishliev, who was shot to death outside a restaurant in 2005.

The number was on hold while the investigation of Dishliev’s death was underway but now Mobitel has disabled the cursed number.

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One Response to “Cursed Bulgarian Phone Number Discontinued After Last 3 Owners Died Suddenly”

  1. James Buchanan Says:

    At least none of the people were Chinese, there special number is 8 and if that happened…that would be weird!