Sharks Harness Power Of Invisibility, Plot Final Takeover

Posted by on May 25th, 2010


What’s worse than a brutal killing machine with no remorse? An invisible brutal killing machine with no remorse.

A new study claims that ten percent off all sharks are “luminous,” meaning they produce a light which combined with normal water refraction allows them to appear invisible. Now the inevitable death suffered by loopy drunk hoes in the first five minutes of Jaws can be achieved with heretofore unknowable stealth.

This shark’s shimmer originates from light emitting organs called photophores from underneath its body, “effectively creating a glow from that region,” said Claes, a researcher in the Laboratory of Marine Biology, Earth and Life Institute at the Catholic University of Louvain.

“Since many predators have upward-looking eyes, it is a common method of camouflage in the mesopelagic zone (from 656 to 3,281 feet below the surface), although it is the first time it is demonstrated in sharks,” he added.

Curious to know what folks in regions where these sharks prey thought has happening to hapless halved swimmers who would wash ashore.

“We can’t see any sharks. Maybe the dreaded sea-faring Kevin James has returned!”

[Discovery by way of Gizmodo]

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