Military Throws Hat Over The Wall For Flying Car

Posted by on April 22nd, 2010

Want to know one way to not get blown up by Improvised Explosive Devices? Fly around in a totally sweet flying car!

The Defense Advanced Projects Agency (DARPA) has cleared the Transformer (TX) program for takeoff. If it flies, by 2015 U.S. soldiers will be able to ride into battle aboard a four-person flying car that can cruise in the air like an airplane, drive on the ground like an SUV, rove 250 miles on one tank of fuel and not require a runway to get airborne.

DARPA, the Department of Defense office that is tasked with exploring futuristic technologies that may have military applications, held an industry day workshop for companies earlier this year to solicit proposals for developing a prototype vehicle. Proposals are due May 27.

The budget for the project? $54 million with a projection of four years before a prototype is expected.

[Live Science]

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