Do Toads Predict Earthquakes?

Posted by on April 12th, 2010

What with all the earthquake news recently, it might be time to start stocking up on toads.

This from The BBC.

Common toads appear to be able to sense an impending earthquake and will flee their colony days before the seismic activity strikes.

The evidence comes from a population of toads which left their breeding colony three days before an earthquake that struck L’Aquila in Italy in 2009.

How toads sensed the quake is unclear, but most breeding pairs and males fled.

The study does not pin down exactly how the male toads knew when to skeedaddle but is anyone not in favor to all least tying a bell to every toad you see from here on out? When you hear the massive jingling, you know it is time to hit the bricks.

[BBC Earth News]

One Response to “Do Toads Predict Earthquakes?”

  1. busterggi Says:

    Toads flee their colonies before earthquakes?

    How far can a toad travel during a day – maybe a quarter mile?

    Not much of an escape.