Penn & Teller, Michael Shermer, David Nott Among Those Helping Us Contact Houdini

Posted by on October 29th, 2009

Before Houdini’s death, he famously gave his wife a code word. This was to prevent mediums and psychics from coming to her door, breathlessly confirming that they had spoken with Harry after his passing. With the word, she could immediately double check their work by asking if he’d passed along the secret message.

As time passed, the word (“believe”) slipped out. And we can all agree that when Criss Angel uses it as the name of his Vegas spectacular, it’s officially played out.

So for our Houdini Seance, THIS SATURDAY at 9 p.m. EST LIVE ON THE FRONT PAGE OF WEIRDTHINGS.COM, we needed new words. Thankfully, we have some friends to help us out…

Author, speaker and editor of Skeptic Magazine Michael Shermer will help us with a word.

President of the Reason foundation, David Nott has agreed to contribute.

Magicians, BS artists and soon-to-be TV detectives Penn & Teller will EACH give us a word suitable for Harry Houdini himself to divine from beyond the grave.

All of those listed above are sending their words to James Randi who will seal them in envelopes and challenge us to discover their contents with the help of Houdini’s spirit.

But that is not all, expect more announcements today and tomorrow!

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