Bigfoot Hunter Comes Face To Face With Nemesis

Posted by on July 1st, 2009

skitched-20090701-145534.jpgBart Cutino found big foot.

For a fleeting 2007 moment in Naches, WA he and the one of the legendary wood apes locked eyes. He describes the encounter to The Monterey Herald

“About 20 to 25 seconds later, it stepped out from behind the tree and dropped on all fours, knees on the ground, arms extended and did this little head rotation in my direction,” Cutino says. “At that point I knew what it was, and it was surreal. It wasn’t scary. I just couldn’t believe it was happening.”

He says the Sasquatch propped itself momentarily onto its right shoulder and inched itself forward, at which point Cutino began snapping his fingers, trying to get the attention of a colleague who was 30 yards away, near a truck containing recording equipment.

Read the rest of the encounter AFTER THE JUMP!

“Every time I snapped my fingers, this thing would make a full-body, convulsive-type movement — very agile, very animalistic — and it would pause-freeze every time I stopped snapping my fingers,” Cutino says. “Then it rotated back onto its right shoulder, put a hand up next to its face, and splayed out the hand so I could clearly see all five digits on the hand.”

The creature stood up, went down again, then stood again before Cutino made a decision to run in the opposite direction, toward his friend with the recording equipment. By the time his colleague got the complicated recording equipment set up and directed, the Sasquatch was gone, Cutino says.

According to measurements after the fact, Cutino believes he saw a creature that was 7 feet tall and weighed up to 575 pounds. Based on the curious hand gesture, we’re assuming this particular Bigfoot was also well versed in the number of championships won by the Dallas Cowboys.

Cutino embraces the skeptic community vetting his and other Bigfoot hunters research. This way hoaxes and scam artists can be weeded out of the evidence pile in favor of documented and verifiable encounters. He’s also confident that with the rise in handheld recording technology, we’ll likely see more visual evidence within the next few years.

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