Behold! Satan’s Alley

Posted by on April 13th, 2009

What you see above is The Devil’s Millhopper, a genuine hellmouth (according to local legend) which has been the centuries-old site of sacrifice and kidnapping for Beelzebub’s benefit. It also looks like a Northwest Florida hole in the ground.

Weird Things investigated the sinkhole for itself this weekend. What we found were tales of princesses, lavender people, tears and glory-thieving aliens.

Read it all… AFTER THE JUMP.


The Old Legends: The official supernatural story (it’s in a video you see on the way in) tells the tale of a wayward Indian princess who’s kidnapped by Satan so that he can make her his unholy bride. When the warriors of the princess’ tribe hear that she’s been taken, they chase down the devil and corner him. The Prince of Darkness implodes the ground they stand on, as an escape route back to his nether realm, thus creating Devil’s Millhopper.

The streams of water which come down the sides of the sinkhole are said to be the ever-lasting tears of the warriors who failed to save their princess.

The hellmouth theory was also bolstered when locals found animal bones and shark’s teeth at the bottom of the ‘hopper. Explanations range from Satanic sacrifice to creatures migrating from miles around to commune with the devil only to find their untimely demise.


The New Legends You’d think having your name on the place would be enough to ward of other supernatural agents from staking their claim, but according to one park guide, many visitors believe Devil’s Millhopper is also haunted and was possibly created by an alien spacecraft landing.

Haunting is credited to “lavender people,” a spectral entity that appears in your peripheral vision but can never be viewed head on.

The alien theory was harder to get specifics on but our guide didn’t seem to take the concept too seriously. Everyone who spends a lot of time in Devil’s Millhopper knows who’s really in charge.

6 Responses to “Behold! Satan’s Alley”

  1. AndrewMayne Says:

    You never were the same since you got back.

  2. k Says:

    hail satan

  3. k Says:

    hail satan

  4. Jameskennedy30 Says:

    looks alot like a creek to me

  5. Jameskennedy30 Says:

    ya thats what i want to look up to the biggest loser. moron

  6. Stewart Says:

    It is actually a huge sinkhole.  Huge as in you walk down easily enough and then worry about climbing the stairs back up.  Sinkhole as in like a giant funnel.  At the bottom is water.