Artist Lovingly Embroiders Portraits – By Sewing Them Into the Flesh of his Hand!

Posted by on January 17th, 2014

When many of us are bored and have a writing instrument we tend to doodle.

Whether it’s on a napkin, a table, etching something obscene into a picnic table or our school folders, we’ve all doodled away boredom at one point.

Then there’s always those people that just kind of take such a seemingly innocent act just a little bit further than they probably should.

Meet David Cata’. He doesn’t doodle. He sews.

And he doesn’t sew into napkins, receipts or school folders. Nope.

He sews portraits into the palm of his hand!

If you get a little queasy with this kind of thing just note that Cata’ is a guy that sews portraits into the palm of his hand. If you’re NOT the queasy type
go ahead and press play and witness the process as well as what we’ll call…the uh…erasing of the portrait.

Those threads gotta come out sometime.


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