WT: Salt Lights

Posted by on October 19th, 2021
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Russian spacecraft caused the ISS to spin 57 degrees…again?! A discussion on light pollution and backyard astronomy. Are there trade-offs between satellite internet and impacts to the sky? NASA announces a project to find rogue planets with the Roman Space Telescope. What would life on a rogue planet look like? How could different forms of life develop in wildly different environments fom Earth? Could life on a rogue planet reach the same level of advancement as humanity in a novel galaxy? Humanity has a new oldest person in space and they didn’t even need to be beamed up! Got something weird? Email neshcom@gmail.com, subject line “Weird Things.”


Andrew: Ted Lasso

Justin: Succession

Brian: Star Trek: Lower Decks

Bryce: Oats Studio and Marbles Season 2 started!

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