Podcast: Litter in Space

Posted by on November 16th, 2015
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Aubrey Sitterson, author of SKALD, joins the show! A mysterious structure discovered underground and underwater Dr. Skald, Beebo,and Whatsit investigate a missing persons report. Can you just litter in space? The science of litter. Check out SKALD at http://skald.podomatic.com/
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Andrew: Taco Bell mobile app, Game Knight

Justin: W/ Bob and David

Brian: Fallout 4

Aubrey: American Sharks

One Response to “Podcast: Litter in Space”

  1. Barry Tikkanen Says:

    I’ve been working less than two miles from the location of the vehicle found for almost 20 years. I have driven by the location thousands of times. For nearly half that time the vehicle has been there. This is along a major through road servicing millions of vehicles. The pond containing the vehicle has three fountains that should have been serviced several times during the past nine years. The out building on the Northeast edge (corner?) of the pond was not yet built nine years ago, to my knowledge. It is my understanding the lights were being hung on the pine trees near the out building. Truly weird that nobody found this vehicle and the owner until recently. Needless to say it was quite the talk at our office the day of the discovery. Keep on keeping it weird.