Cannibal Hotel Restaurant Shut Down in Nigeria

Posted by on February 21st, 2014

Authorities in a small town in Nigeria responded to tips that a local hotel had added something new to their menu.

After bursting into the restaurant…

“…they arrested four men, six women and the hotel’s owner. In addition, they discovered at least two blood-soaked human heads wrapped in cellophane, two army caps, two AK-47 rifles and a small quantity of ammunition. The heads have yet to be identified.”

Information about how long the hotel’s been serving as Hannibal Lector’s fave Nigerian B&B, how many people have ended up on the menu and how extensive the network supplying the hotel actually is have yet to be determined.

For the morbidly curious among you (yep…we’re aware you’re out there):

Heads went for around $45, hands and legs about $20 and ‘man parts’? Around $6.

We just keep shaking our heads and hearing the last line of the Eagles’ song Hotel California playing over and over…

“You can check-out any time you like, But you can never leave.”

[Liberty Voice]

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