Knights Fighting Becoming Next Extreme Sport!

Posted by on September 23rd, 2013

The PLWR (Polska Liga Walk Rycerskich or the Polish League of Knights Fighting) is a federation of guys who dress up in period costume and unleash their inner-medieval-ish-ness on their opponents with some unsettling ferocity…unsettling how you immediately want to see more of this craziness.

Watch that promo video above, kids. This isn’t some cheesy dinner theater show where everyone acts like tweens faking a sword fight they saw in some B-grade action flick. This also isn’t a bunch of LARPing SCA-types out for a weekend in the woods with weapons so padded it looks like a pillow fight from Deliverance.

Coordinated by the Polish Association of Knights Fighting (who knew), the event is beginning to gain traction as social media begins spreading word that there are a bunch of guys who’ve cultivated this into an organized sporting event that’s quickly spreading.

After perusing the comments on the above video, we learned that knights knocking the chainmail off of one another has already gained a foothold right here in America with Battle of the Nations’ Team USA (see the video below). They even a list where local events are happening if you want to be an early adopter.

First rule of knight fighting? Tell EVERYONE there’s a sport where knights are fighting!

[Polish League of Knights Fighting YouTube]

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