UFOs Hovering Over Russia? Or Something Else?

Posted by on July 22nd, 2013

What is going on in this video? Are these UFOs just meeting up like cops in cars often do ala window-to-window and talk about stuff like how they need to mutilate at least a few cows on the way home? Is this, like some of the comments on the video suggest, some kind of advanced helicopters parked in the sky like high schoolers after a football game? What is going on with these lights in the sky over Russia?

Originally you could’ve tossed this off as a single triangle-shaped experimental plane or flares from a jet. But check the video at about 1:35 into the video. Also check the video at about the 6:12 mark. Did a cheap light bulb burn out on some mysterious government aircraft?

We’ll leave all the speculation in your hands because we’re really not sure what we’re looking at.

[Who Forted?]

One Response to “UFOs Hovering Over Russia? Or Something Else?”

  1. Shawn Shelton-Zieger Says:

    Maybe helicopters with search lights. The one that went out with a ‘flash’? The flash was probably caused by the light accidentally being aimed toward the camera during a turn of the copter. The speed of it also supports a helicopter turning quickly. The other two are just moving along fast or slow depending on distance (there are no references to gauge it) but their lights are aimed where they can be seen by the camera group. The disappearing light is a third copter having turned away and moving away or even turning off it’s light entirely. Perhaps they are quite a distance off since there are no running lights visible and no sound of helicopter. That’s my best hypothesis for what I’m seeing without invoking alien technology. The question is, can searchlights be seen on a chopper from so far away that the vehicle’s running lights cannot be seen or the blades heard as they slice through the air? As for the the swift rising of the third light (the disappearing one)? Perhaps there is nothing odd about it. I’m no expert. But it does look odd. Of course most lights in the sky look odd when you don’t have any way to know what they are or where they are in relation to the environment.