Object Lands In Active Volcano In Mexico!

Posted by on November 2nd, 2012

December 21st of this year is the big party date for the supposed end of our world.

Sure everyone’s already ordering kegs, ordering faux “Danger: Apocalypse In Progress – Do Not Cross” banner tape by the case and prepping for their end-of-the-world get-togethers.

But then again…everyone hasn’t been watching the news coming out of Mexico that clearly shows an active volcano and something entering it from the sky like an old Thunderbirds vehicle.

Falling star? Busted satellite? No one’s sure at this point but seriously…the odds of something as agile (sarcasm, kids…sarcasm) as a giant mountain full of raging lava catching an object from space? Slim.

We’ll let you put all those party supplies back, start handing you some nails and plywood and make sure your shotgun’s loaded.

[CidMexico YouTube Channel]

One Response to “Object Lands In Active Volcano In Mexico!”

  1. Jason Criley Says:

    Why won’t they show any video of the volcano after the “impact”? You would think that if something landed in an active volcano at that speed, it would at least disturb the smoke coming out of it. I think it would probably throw up some lava too.