Meet the Bagel-Heads! Crazy Body Modification Gets Trendy!

Posted by on October 24th, 2012

Body modification seemed to root itself into underground culture of the 90s. Since that time we’ve seen our share of modded bods. You’d think that there just wasn’t anything to really mod until low-cost cybernetic parts started popping up on the shelves at WalMart. Wrong.

Check out all the fun these body-moddin’ kids are having!

They’ve sadly been slapped with the descriptive slang-term “BagelHeads”.

The whole ‘BagelHead’ scene has been around for many years already but is only recently getting some serious face-time across the internets after the Taboo show aired on Discovery.

In a nutshell the kids are taking needles, inserting them into their foreheads and then dripping saline into their heads creating what looks like some kind of giant egg under their skin. Once the ‘egg’ is big enough someone then presses slowly into the center of the bloated lump leaving a small indentation in the center. The end result? It looks exactly like a doctor was caught mid-breakfast and just left his bagel under the patient’s skin on her forehead.

Sexy, right? Yeah…that’s a no…we don’t think so either.


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