Woman Tries to Sell Soul Online

Posted by on July 12th, 2012

Grim Reapers, demons and power-hungry Disney villains sure do have it easy nowadays. Instead of going through poison apples, waiting around near future fatality sites or having to track a particularly important living individual who’s lineage might be of importance, all you have to do is plop down in front of an internet-attached device and ride over to ebay.

A woman, who’s going by Lori N. (or LHumanist on ebay), tried to sell her soul on the mega-auction site.

Lori placed her ‘slightly used’ soul on auction for $2,000. Ebay has removed the auction due to their restrictions about selling this type of thing on their site:

“We don’t allow humans, the human body, or any human body parts or products to be listed on eBay, with two exceptions. Sellers can list items containing human scalp hair, and skulls and skeletons intended for medical use.”

So what’s up with Lori that she’d want to sell her soul so badly for?

Five years ago Lori was a passenger in a car that was slammed into by a drunk driver. She suffered a heart attack, a stroke and was thrown into a coma for three weeks. When she woke up she found that she’d also been dealt a broken hip, pelvis, leg, collarbone, sternum, ribs, had a collapsed lung and she’s also lost a breast.

Lori was a freelance writer and now gets by on part-time work and making jewelry.

Emails have been coming in from everywhere. Some people are connecting with Lori and sharing similar stories. Some people are condemning her for selling her soul and claiming that she’ll burn in hell and live in fear and agony for eternity.

It’s hard for her to take those threats seriously and probably a little hard to believe you’re not getting jacked out of a soul to add to your collection in the basement..

Lori’s also an atheist.

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One Response to “Woman Tries to Sell Soul Online”

  1. stillatwork Says:

    This is clearly fraud – if she is an atheist then she believes she doesn’t have a soul to give. And since having a soul is tied to belief that you have one (since there is no scientific proof as far as I know) then you can’t sell something that you clearly do not think you have, never will have, and will never give. Yes the buyer may think they are getting a soul but so could someone thinking they are getting the Brooklyn bridge – still makes it fraud. This has nothing to do with religion or faith of a third party (that’s you the reader) its has to do with the belief of the seller and recipient. 
    Now, instead of an isolated instance, if there was an open market (for example: Soul Stock Exchange) for souls and we could tie it to a dollar value (another belief system but one that is supported by all parties) then we might have something. Or if the seller was a devout Christian/Buddhist/Muslim/Insert Faith Here/etc… then they could sell you a soul since they would believe that had something of value to give and therefore due to the powers of economics they would. (See all currency and stock certificate trading systems ever) 
    Currently this is at best fraud at worst insider trading (that’s a pun – souls are inside of you…. get it… oh never mind).