Zombie Attacks Continue!

Posted by on June 8th, 2012

Every time we laugh about a zombie apocalypse another incident bites our lips right off our smiles and reminds us that we should probably stop laughing and start grabbing shovels.

This time around what began as a domestic disturbance call from neighbors turned into something that’s getting a little too familiar right now.

The ‘zombie’ in this case is 43-year-old Carl Jacquneaux. Todd Credeur, the victim who knew Jacquneaux, was outside working in his yard when we was attacked by Jacquneaux. Credeur stated that he was shocked when Jacquneaux bit him on the face. Credeur was able to spray wasp pray on Jacquneaux’s eyes and escape the attack.

Carl Jacquneaux wasn’t quite finished. He jumped into his car and headed to another friend’s where he that friend at knife-point and snagged a handgun.

That was when the law caught up with him.

While no one’s really sure what set Jacquneaux on his zombie-like attack on Credeur, one of the victim’s friends stated that he was, in fact, under the influence of something at the time.

Anyone want to venture to take you know, a big stab in the dark about what the victim’s friend claims he might’ve been taking?


Bath salts.

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