More Terracotta Warriors Discovered in Xi’an Dig-Site

Posted by on June 14th, 2012

The terracotta warriors of the Xi’an archaeology dig in north-west China have become icons of the dynasties of long ago. More than 8,000 of these warriors have been excavated over the years and just yesterday more were unearthed.

The current phase of the excavation of the figures, which began in 2009, has revealed 310 more figures as well as chariots, weapons, war horses, drums and a shield.

The new finds include what appear to be military officials, a performance troupe and a headless warrior much larger than any figure unearthed so far.

Also interesting about the new figures that’ve been absent from those uncovered in the past? Coloration. Many of the newer statues still show signs of having been painted, one even showing as much detail as having had eyelashes at one point.

As exciting as this new finding is? Many archaeologists believe there is much more still waiting to be discovered.

[The Guardian]

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