70-Foot Japanese Dock Makes Landfall… in Oregon

Posted by on June 11th, 2012

Japan suffered a devastating tsunami in March of 2011.

Typically after something like that occurs, an occasional piece of debris will wash up on the shores of other continents following the currents and tides.

In the Pacific Northwest an object washed up on an Oregon beach that could signal the beginning of something on a scale never seen before.

A massive chunk of an actual dock almost seventy-feet long, twenty-feet wide and at least seven-feet tall made landfall a few days ago. Experts didn’t expect to see debris from the horrific 2011 tsunami until March 2013. It’s happening a lot faster than they anticipated.

According to the Japanese Consulate in Portland there may be at least three more of these enormous docks on their way to the beaches of the West Coast.

Fishermen in the area are concerned about the errant debris and the damage it could do to their vessels when it arrives without warning.

In April the Coast Guard opened fire and sank a mysterious ship entering the nearby waters.

Turns out it was a Japanese ‘Ghost Ship’ that had drifted on its own all the way into the shipping lanes of Alaska.


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