The 21 Best Trail Cam Images The Internet Has To Offer

Posted by on February 25th, 2012

We recently covered the release of a reported image of Bigfoot captured by a trail cam and my subsequent research Google search on trail cam images led me down a rabbit-hole from which I am just now emerging. At times the Internet begins to tarnish around the edges, so I am happy to report that I have found some of the magic that makes it such a freakishly wonderful place. I have collected for our readers 21 of the best and strangest trail cam pictures the Internet has to offer. None of these are new, many of these you may have seen before, many of them are obviously staged or fake, but they are all lovingly collected here for you to enjoy in no particular order.

Hit the jump for trail cam greatness!

1. This one spread across the web pretty quickly in December of 2010 and Weird Things covered it straight out of the gate. I believe this ended up being viral marketing for a movie or something, but it is still a great image.

2. This one just makes me laugh. [Source]

3. I can’t really figure out what this would even be – the deer head looks fairly normal, but what is going on with the legs up the tree? Here is a larger version. [Source]

4. Kitty does NOT like to be photographed. [Source]

5. What in the hell. I think people claim this is a Bigfoot pic, but it just looks creepy to me. [Source]

6. ….Jersey Devil? [Source]

7. Raccoons are mean as hell. [Source]

8. COME AT ME BRO! [Source]

9. Even deer get creeped out by little ghost girls. [Source]

10. Just out for a barefoot stroll in the forest. [Source]

11. I don’t know what is going on here, but it looks Satanic. [Source]

12. Presented without comment. [Source]

13. El Chupacabra! (hairless dog variety) [Source]

14. One of these guys is up to no good. [Source]

15. Creepy kid award. [Source]

16. This is not going to end well. [Source]

17. Hello. [Source]

18. Picture 1 of a 4 part series Entitled “Raccoon vs Deer” [Source]

19. Picture 2 of a 4 part series Entitled “Raccoon vs Deer” [Source]

20. Picture 3 of a 4 part series Entitled “Raccoon vs Deer” [Source]

21. Picture 4 of a 4 part series Entitled “Raccoon vs Deer” [Source]

I think the biggest take away for me from this is to never turn your back on a raccoon – they are crazy and obviously have gotten a taste for meat. Be careful out there, the woods are filled with strange and wonderful things. I am going to go install a trail cam outside my front door now so I can finally find out what keeps trying to get in.

2 Responses to “The 21 Best Trail Cam Images The Internet Has To Offer”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Number 5 is obviously bigfoot doing some sort of yoga exercise. Possible downward dog position?

    Or maybe it’s just a photo of Justin slipped in there by mistake… (obligatory hairy Justin joke)

  2. mxyzptlk Says:

    #5 is supposed to be a juvenile bigfoot, I guess getting ready for the his floor routine.

    But damn, those raccoons. In college I had a nasty run-in with a raccoon that was hammered on fermented berries. It bit a chunk out of a broom. Seeing a raccoon take on a boar like that leads to the obvious match-up:

    Raccoon vs Honey Badger 

    (Nice finds, Ryan)