Podcast: Wine Pairings For Cannibal Rituals

Posted by on February 16th, 2012

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GUESTS: Bonnie Brushwood, Kimmy Kim, Frutron (Hollywood is Hard)

Recorded on Valentine’s Day… Love is in the air as we are joined by not one, not two but three actual women. Bonnie The Invisible Wife is joined by Kimmy Kim and Frutron from the YouTube series Hollywood is Hard. Ritual cannibalism as a sign of respect for a fallen loved one is discussed. Frutron is bit by a deadly snake that could lead to all the wrong kinds of weight loss. Brian is consistently confused by descriptions of a Woolly Mammoth. A purple squirrel is loosed in a peaceful Pennsylvania town.

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The Name of the Wind



Kimmy Kim & Frutron:

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One Response to “Podcast: Wine Pairings For Cannibal Rituals”

  1. Anonymous Says:



    So that last link is to a blog in Swedish, but Brian said on FrameRate that he understands Norwegian and that’s enough the same that it shouldn’t be a problem. Force Brian to translate it. Or use Google translate, whatever. 
    Or take my word for it; the thing in the sea is most likely a natural geological formation.

    But there’s still tonnes of really cool stuff at the bottom of the Baltic. Due to the brackish water ships and basically anything that falls in is incredibly well preserved hundreds of years later, well, not magically, it has to stay in that environment of course. Dipping your toe in the sea won’t make it fire proof or anything.  
    They find ships up in that business all the time: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=124637816