Podcast: Sasquatch Rebuked

Posted by on December 16th, 2011

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Andrew sheds light on a brilliant, real life team-up between some of the most brilliant minds of our age. Brian comes ever closer to his life goal of hanging out in space, without have to clip coupons alongside his castle-dwelling neighbor. The corporate owned United States media takes violent blow of truth as the boys blow the lid off the Goblin black out. Finally, is Sasquatch really a biblical figure doomed to walk the earth for eternity?

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2 Responses to “Podcast: Sasquatch Rebuked”

  1. Manus Ferrea Says:

    Great podcast… Glad to sponsor… stop on by http://manusferrea.com we’re in the Norbertellen Gallery; come on by on January 12 during the next Art Walk or at the Artist Reception on January 21… Find me; tell me you heard the ad on WeirdThings and I’ll make sure you get a full size digital of your choice… 🙂 Anything on the site… check it out. http://manusferrea.com 

  2. Guy Edwards Says:

    Great Podcast! Love the reverse Hulk reference, when I heard the tune from Hulk’s ending credits, I could see “David Cain” walking away from the camera down that lonely road, just like in  the TV show. 

    At Bigfoot Lunch Club (A bigfoot blog) I posted a couple of stories regarding the bigfoot/cain connection.  Coincidentally enough the most respected academic bigfoot researcher, Dr. Jeff Meldrum happens to be Mormon, although he does not subscribe to the bigfoot/cain theory.