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Posted by on November 11th, 2011

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The gift giving season is upon us and I thought I’d give you my top five favorite books I’ve read so far for Weird Things in case you’re in need of a great book for someone on your shopping list.

Honestly it’s hard for me to pick just a few, but I’ve narrowed it down to my top five books and short stories that I’ve read.  Hopefully you will agree!

My first suggestion would be The Old Man and the Wasteland. This stands as far and away my favorite story that I have read since starting doing these reviews.

It’s not often that a book brings me to tears, but The Old Man and the Waste Land by Nick Cole did just that.  Cole’s writing is so incredibly beautiful you cannot help but cry over the awe inducing descriptions of a sunset… only to realize that it’s a sunset in post apocalyptica.

Dead Dwarves Don’t Dance is an awesome read! It is a fantastic mash up of the pulp fiction and sci-fi genres.   Action abounds as you join Noose on his mission to hunt down neo human terrorists who attacked a dwarven dance club and in the process killed someone close to him.

After enjoying Dead Dwarves Don’t Dance so much, it should come as no surprise that I love to read detective stories.


That’s why I enjoyed Hard Day’s Knight by John Hartness so much! Plus it’s about vampires!!! Hartness writes a story that feels like a cross between Moonlight and Cara Lockwood’s Every Demon Has His Day.  His writing is witty, culturally relevant and has a good dose of pop culture references to keep you turning the pages to see just how bad it can get for these two self-professed nerdy, permanently college-aged vampires.

Another book I really enjoyed was Deadly Intent by Laura Eno.  In fact I’ve continued to read her work for my own personal enjoyment.

Deadly Intent is a story with emotionally driven characters that are very easy to relate too.  You can’t help but feel for Jonathon and sympathize with his granddaughter Abbie as they both fight for what they hold dear.

And if I am being totally honest with you I love a good story with a strong female lead, hence my love for the short story Freak Show by Richard Jones.

Jones creates a world of horrible wonder with Frankenstein heads in boxes, mysterious eggs, and an otherworldly beautiful man that is hell bent on tempting Natalie to join him and his nefarious ends.

If you have a book lover on your Christmas shopping list who is into science fiction or fantasy, then these books would make a great choice for a gift!


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