How to Succeed in Evil [eBook Review]

Posted by on September 2nd, 2011

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Even evil villains need help, and when they do they hire Edwin Windsor, Evil Efficiency Consultant.  Edwin’s job is to help make the villains more villainous or at the very least more profitable.

Patrick E. McLean’s story, How to Succeed in Evil reads like a how-to guide on achieving evil through any means.  Edwin is frustrated with the lack of good super villains as clients, and has had to settle for D list villains whom he finds incredibly frustrating and haven’t helped with the bottom line of his business.

My reason for reading this book was purely self-centered.  Lately I had been feeling my plans for world domination had been lacking that…je ne sais quoi.  I started reading in hopes of finding some pointers as to what I needed to do to bring my game to the next level, along the lines of Sephiroth from Final Fantasy, Carnage from Spiderman, Sinister from The X-Men or HIM from the Power Puff Girls…

… And I was not disappointed.

Edwin Windsor has no qualms telling his clientele what they are doing is wrong.  He beautifully explains why world domination has not been theirs yet with an eloquence all his own.  He gives great advice as to what is the most important part of being an evil villain… money!   Money is what makes the world go ‘round.

Your plan to take over the world involves building a giant laser in space and then aim it at Washington D.C.?  You’re going to need a lot of money to do that.  But when Edwin’s current client refuses to listen to him he decides it’s time to appeal to his deeper needs.

McLean’s story is full of bigger then life characters, both literally and figuratively.  Wait until you meet Topper!  They just jump off the page at you while you read about their inner most desires, needs for revenge and plans for ruling all of mankind.

So if you’re like me, and feeling your plans for world domination are lacking, How to Succeed in Evil is a must read!


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