Man Retaliates Against Beehive

Posted by on August 31st, 2011

What would you do if a bee stung one of your friends while he was visiting your house? Would you shrug it off and continue enjoying the day? Would you grab a can of Raid or a water hose and extract some minor vengeance? Or would you pump the hive full of gasoline and blow it to bits causing the local fire station to be scrambled?  If you chose gasoline – congratulations, you have a kindred spirit in Lynden, Washington.

A Lynden man dumped gasoline on a beehive that was in a tree and then ignited it Sunday night, Aug. 28, causing an explosion in the suburban neighborhood that could be seen from a few hundred feet away.

The man lit the hive on fire about 8:30 p.m. in retaliation for a bee sting one of his friends got earlier that day at the house on Twin Sister Loop, said Lynden Fire Chief Gary Baar.

The fire caused a large “whoosh” and singed the tree pretty badly, Baar said, but nobody was hurt. There were no flames when firefighters arrived about 10 minutes later. “No damage, except for a bunch of dead bees,” Baar said. “The correct way to do that is to call a beekeeper.”

[Bellingham Herald via Deadspin]

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