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Posted by on August 12th, 2011

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Have you ever read a book where you are left feeling not sure of what to think? Containment by Christian Cantrell certainly left me feeling that way.  I can’t say that I loved it, but I can’t say I hated it either.

Perhaps it was the overwhelming amount of programming dialogue or the concept of the human race consuming our planet, but the depth of the story and the complexity of the characters kept me wanting to read more.

Containment starts with the main character, Arik. He awakens from a surgery as a result of an “accident” and what follows is an account of Arik’s journey to understand the truth of the only life he’s ever known and what it means and how his understanding will ultimately affect the future of his colony.

The life that Arik knows is one of confinement to the Venus Colony referred to as V1.  He was born and raised in V1 knowing only a life of monitored consumption. Day to day activities of the colony are controlled by an all encompassing computer system. An advanced schoolwork curriculum, and a predetermined place in V1’s society are also tenets of everyday life.   However after Arik’s accident, he begins to question if what he has known his entire life is not just an illusion and begins seeking out the truth for himself.

As mentioned before, Containment’s technical details and rich programming dialogs will draw in anyone who has an interest or love of computer programming or engineering.   For others this may weigh down the book and make it hard for some readers to enjoy the rest of the story.   I felt as if my very basic knowledge of programming was simply not enough to fully encompass what was being discussed about from time to time and that some of the details of the story weren’t being absorbed by me. Maybe after multiple readings, with some supplemental help online or elsewhere, might make some of the concepts described in the book more understandable.

Other then the heavy technical language I still enjoyed Containment. The author takes care to keep the story moving and his attention to detail is commendable. My assessment is that hardcore sci-fi fans will love the story… just make sure you bring your programming books along for the ride!

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2 Responses to “Containment [eBook Review]”

  1. Neshcom Says:

    Simone, without spoilers of course, how did you feel about the ending? I thought it was both abrupt and disappointing, especially following such a climbing, rather than easing down, resolution.

  2. Simone Allyne Says:

    I agree, I felt it was a bit of a let down.  I was really hoping that maybe he’d be able to see what the future held for his friends and family.  But he did come across as a tragic hero which is what he was.