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Tomb Of Stone Age Humans, Otters Found After Freak Accident

Thursday, July 7th, 2011


A tomb containing several Stone Age generations of human remains dating back up to 5,000 years, along with a few otter skeletons of the same era, have been located on an island in Northern Scotland. The Tomb of the Otters, signifies the most important neolithic find this region has seen in over 30 years.

So, why are there otter bones amongst the final resting place of so many humans? Apparently the tomb wasn’t used very often and someone forgot to close the door when they left.

“It suggests the tomb was not entirely sealed and that otters were trampling in and out a lot” throughout the tomb’s use, (county archaeologist for Orkney, Julie) Gibson said.

“For that to occur, you must think there was a gap of a year or two” between grave visits or burials.

The site was discovered when a resident attempted to level an area of his property to give himself a better ocean view. You know, to see the otters.

[Nat Geo]

Icelandic Town Under Siege By Rock-Throwing Elves And Hidden Folk

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Bolungarvik, Iceland is under attack by unexplained dirt and rocks that is raining from the sky. While government officials are looking for a rational explanation, the locals are convinced that a recent project that used dynamite on the land has thrown nature, and the elves out of balance. The townspeople are trying to appease the elves with songs and prayers.

The town of Bolungarvik has been experiencing a rash of unexplained rocks and dirt that rain from the sky, bombarding the town and scaring its residents. Although the local government believes a rational explanation can be attributed to the falling debris, locals believe that supernatural forces are behind the attacks. Elves and “hidden folks” are to blame.

Recent construction of a new avalanche defence barrier required the dynamiting of local land, something said to be a big no-no in the land of elves. In the folklore, any disruption to the harmony of nature must be balanced out and carried out respectfully. I know that in Iceland, some people believe in the powers of ley lines and they are said to be used by elves, gnomes and fairies. Obstruction to these lines or paths could bring havoc to a person’s life.


California Man Fears Murder Charges After Killing Two Sasquatches

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Plumas County CA  Google Maps

A California hunter is fearing for his livelihood after killing a mother Sasquatch and one of her children on a desolate road. According to web rumors culled by, the man is worried that the killing violates his California hunting license which strictly regulates what can and cannot be killed. Bigfoot is nowhere to be found on the list of animals appropriate to kill. Furthermore, new DNA evidence about the elusive Bigfoot could prove the animals to be partially human which could open him up to murder charges.

The story is that a hunter in Plumas County, CA was threatened by a female Bigfoot, old enough to have gray hair. She was, according to him, blocking the road and making gestures that made him feel threatened, so he got out of his vehicle and shot her.

Then he says there were two young Sasquatches in the forest nearby, obviously upset by the female’s death. The hunter is reported to have shot and killed one of them.

The story continues that there were two other hunters with him. One became hysterical and they took away the rifle and wouldn’t let him shoot the third Bigfoot.

Trial of the century?

[Bigfoot Sightings]

How One Russian Trucker Became BFF With Visiting Aliens

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Oleg Kirzhakov began November 2nd, 1989 as a Soviet-era, long-haul trucker in Mother Russia. He ended it as best friends to a race of aliens that shared his love for Bigfoot and promised to never be farther than 15 seconds away from him should he ever get into trouble.

En route from the northern territory of Arkhangelsk to capital city Moscow, he and his partner Nikolai stumbled upon what looked to be roadside construction equipment. What they found was something far more important. It was a UFO, complete with a sheen metal exterior, a electronic field that cut off electricity to Oleg’s rig and a telekinetic bond that projected a screen into Oleg’s field of vision so they could communicate.

After a bizarre request for matches, which Oleg fetched only to have a black “mass” come off the ship to retrieve, the curious truck driver decided it was time to get some answers. He boarded the ship.

The recess was a three- dimensional information screen, on which I was shown the interior of another sister ship, with the same moving ‘masses’ (during the demonstration, the two ‘masses’ in our ship were motionless).

Then, they showed a ship in space, among the stars, and at the end of the demonstration, they showed the presenter of a Soviet television program called Vremya.

Oleg couldn’t help but ask a few more questions:

“I asked question after question. The answers I received were heard in my head before I saw them on the screen. I asked, ‘What kind of ship am I on now? What kind of propulsion system do you use to make it fly?’

In response I was told that this spacecraft was a scout ship and used electromagnetic fields to fly. I was also told that they were studying our planet, which they need as a springboard to the future.

In response to my question ‘Do you have any connection with Bigfoot?’, they said, ‘Yes’ and added that they watch Bigfoot continuously.

You love Bigfoot? I love Bigfoot! We totally need to hang out more! When… will… I see you guys again…?

“Then I asked, ‘Is it possible to see you once again?’ They said, ‘If you are in danger we will find you within 15 seconds’.

Oleg de-boarded and got back in his truck while the ship enveloped itself into a ball of light and silently shot to the stars.

Best friends in the galaxy.

[UFO Casebook]

Fireball Filmed In Mexico

Monday, July 4th, 2011
And now for your 4th of July viewing pleasure, a fireball falls to Earth over Mexico.