Mirage of Entire City

Posted by on June 27th, 2011
“Residents in Huanshan City in East China encountered one of the best and most clearest mirage of their city a few weeks ago after a rainfall. Apparently some believed to be a “ghost city” that materialized over the Xin’an River. Yet others believed that what they were looking at was a real city from another dimension.”


8 Responses to “Mirage of Entire City”

  1. Grievus Says:

    How can this be anything other than shenanigans? I’m gonna call shenanigans.

  2. Dereckc1 Says:

    Shenanigans or not, it reminds me of ghost cities appearing in the wheel of time books. I hope no one tries walking into the area where these buildings and mountains are supposed to be showing up, didn’t turn out well for one guy in those novels…

  3. EbonNebula Says:

    I honsestly can’t even comprehend how that kinda optical illusion would even occur. I need someone who can break this science down 80’s rappin’ animal style!

    side note: it is funny, a ghost city mysteriously appearing seems like a page straight out of a manga(japanese graphic novel). Just another case of illusion imitating life imitating art, i guess.

  4. Fitz Says:

    This seems a reasonable explanation:


  5. Anonymous Says:

    Some one needs to go there on a clear day and take the same video. As it is I can’t tell what in the vid is supposed to be there and what is supposed to be an illusion. If I wasn’t told differently I’d say it was just a normal scene with a thick layer of ground fog obscuring parts of it.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Okay, some of the trees might look weird or they might look like the the river has risen up on them.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Should have followed Fitz’s link before commenting but the order of comments seems to have shifted arround since I first arrived at this page a few minutes ago. Must be an illusion.

  8. David Mcsween Says:

    WTF!? every time we have fog here, I can go up a nearby mountain and see the city rising above it. Wheres the special?