Giant Rats Killing Children, Elderly in South Africa

Posted by on June 6th, 2011

Forget about the shapeshifters on the loose – it is being reported that monster rats the size of small dogs are killing and eating children in South Africa. The rats can grow up to three feet long and have inch long teeth.

“The monster rodents are as big as cats are thought to have killed two babies in the townships, according to the The Sun.

Three-year-old Lunathi Dwadwa was killed as she slept in her parent’s shack in a slum outside Cape Town this week.

Another baby girl died in a similar rat attack, on the same day, but this time in the Soweto township near Johannesburg.

Last month, 77-year-old grandmother Nomathemba Joyi died after giant rats chewed off the right side of her face.”

[The Telegraph]

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