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Posted by on May 12th, 2011

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Hello all,

Since we debuted Weird Things in 2008 we’ve sought to make this a collection of stories, videos and experiences from a certain perspective. A fascination with everything we don’t know matched with the curiosity to follow the rabbit hole where ever it might lead. Singularity, Sasquatch and space elevators mix seamlessly for us. SpaceX’s apparent determination to reach Mars alongside travelers from unknown star systems and their apparent determination to reach us back.

We love this stuff and you do too.

We’ve since added a very successful podcast featuring myself, Andrew Mayne and Brian Brushwood along with a YouTube series. You, the audience, mean the world to us and connecting with you is the lifeblood of this common interest.

Now, we’d like to offer a high profile way that you can connect with each other even further.

Beginning now, we are going to sell slots on the side bar of this website. Each button will be 220 x 25 pixels and live on the right sidebar for every visitor to the site. That includes over a 1,000 unique visits per day and growing. It will link to your blog, Twitter, Facebook fan page, or anything else you’d like to have a regular presence on the site.

Along with any other Weird Things advertisement, we are gearing this to be affordable to you, the average reader. In that spirit, we are going to sell these permanent slots for only $25 per month.

We are providing a subscription link here. If you’d like to sign up, please email your 220 x 25 button to JustinRobertYoung@Gmail. By supporting this site as an advertiser we hope to give you a great value and share our audience as it grows with the people we entrust most… our audience.

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