Boy Skis Into Bear Den, Does Not Die

Posted by on April 13th, 2011

Ollie Frisk and  four of his friends were skiing in the backcountry at the Härjedalen ski resort, located in northern Sweden, when Ollie unknowingly skied over a bear den which collapsed and sent him sprawling into the bear that was living there. The bear woke up and mauled Ollie, but he survived to tell the tale.

“But Ollie didn’t die. Instead, he says, he quit struggling as he accepted the inevitability of his fate, and when he did so, the bear simply stopped attacking him. A few moments later she wandered out of the lair, where Ollie’s friends made loud noises to scare her away. They then helped Frisk from the den, and back down the hill to safety.”


2 Responses to “Boy Skis Into Bear Den, Does Not Die”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Has anyone reported this to Colbert?

  2. Gregory Muir Says:

    Lazy bears. I’m sure Colbert will blame their lassitude on Obama’s economic plan. It’s bad for the country AND bad for bears — he can’t be for it and against it, can he?