When Eagle Rays Fly

Posted by on March 31st, 2011

A family vacationing in the Florida Keys had a surprise encounter with a leaping eagle ray that left one of them pinned under the animal for over four minutes.  The 200-lb ray landed right in the boat on top of Jenny Hausch and pinned her to the boat while her family struggled to get her out from under the creature. Luckily the eagle ray was not full grown (they can reach 500-lbs) and it did not use its barb to attack her. The eagle ray was returned to the water and the family was returned to their vacation.
As the family enjoyed their time in the outdoors, a 200-pound spotted eagle ray suddenly leapt out of the water and into the boat, landing right on top of Jenny. ┬áThe animal was so large and heavy, her family couldn’t get it off of her.

Luckily, a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission boat was nearby and heard the family’s screaming and came to the rescue. ┬áMiraculously, neither Jenny or the ray seemed worse for wear after the four-minute encounter.

[Animal Planet]

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