Rogue Squirrel Terrorizes Vermont Neighborhood

Posted by on March 23rd, 2011
In the town of Bennington, Vt., a squirrel has attacked three humans in the course of a week, biting and scratching the peaceful residents without provocation.┬áThe Bennington game warden is on the hunt for this angry squirrel, but it continues to elude the authorities. “It is just wildlife being wild”, says the game warden.

“[It] just latched on to my shoulder, and I went back and it’s a gray squirrel,” victim Kevin McDonald told the TV station.

McDonald was shoveling snow outside his home when the sneak attack began. “He was holding on. He wouldn’t let go. I was finally able to get him off, and as soon as I got him off, he just jumped right at me again.”

[AOL News]

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