Man Sues New Hampshire For Right To Dress As Bigfoot In State Park

Posted by on March 9th, 2011

Back in September of 2009, Jonathan Doyle ran around Monadnock State Park dressed as Bigfoot scaring and amusing hikers while his friends filmed the encounters. He then returned to human form and interviewed the bystanders. The park rangers did not appreciate this stunt and when Doyle returned later that month for a follow up, he was barred from filming. And now Doyle is suing:

Backed by the American Civil Liberties Union, Jonathan Doyle is suing the state, arguing that the requirement to pay $100 for a special use permit 30 days in advance and get a $2 million insurance bond violates his free speech rights.

Doyle’s attorneys say no one complained to the state park service after Doyle first dressed as Bigfoot, ran around the rocky top of Mount Monadnock, returned to human form and interviewed bystanders about what they saw Sept. 6, 2009.

[Yahoo! News]

3 Responses to “Man Sues New Hampshire For Right To Dress As Bigfoot In State Park”

  1. EbonNebula Says:

    For future reference, possible hoax red flag #1: Witnesses talk about bigfoot killing and eating a small child, then laugh about it.

  2. Gilophora Says:

    yes, this is not real. we all know. the point is that the guy was making a video, and was told to stop. he is now suing the state because they charged him a fee that other groups (who had previously used the mountain for filming) did not have to pay.

  3. EbonNebula Says:

    Yeah, I read the post too. I’m just saying, next time you see a video where people are talking about a horrific and brutal murder, and stop halfway through to laugh, it’s probably safe to assume it’s not real.