Creature Washes Up On Long Island

Posted by on February 13th, 2011

A strange corpse washed up recently on Long Island and a number of pictures were submitted to Phantoms and Monsters. What kind of animal do you think this is?

[Phantoms and Monsters]

6 Responses to “Creature Washes Up On Long Island”

  1. t2t2 Says:

    A goat

    How it got there? Nobody knows, these fuckers get everywhere

  2. Delia Lavigne Says:

    My guess would be some type of canine, most likely a dog.

  3. Says:

    goats have hoofs, you are aware of that right?

  4. Says:

    Looks like a polar bear to me.

  5. Arty Says:

    It’s obviously a tauntaun!

  6. MrBlackJinx Says:

    fur = mammal
    claws = most likely carnivore
    non retractable claws = most likely a canid