Build Your Own Troll Detector

Posted by on November 26th, 2010

Are you planning on camping in the wilds of Norway soon? Are you worried that trolls are going to attack your camp and try and feast on your flesh while you sleep? Then perhaps you should build your very own Trolldetektor v.1.0b. The Trolldetektor is an Arduino-based project that uses an accelerometer, LEDs, and some nifty code to let you detect when and which type of troll is descending on your camp.  The source code currently detects Rimtusse, Raglefant, and Skogstroll troll types based on the impact and frequency of their approaching footsteps. The code also notes:

“PS: This code may be rewritten to detect earthquakes, but trolls are worse…. alot worse….”

[NullOhm via Hack A Day]

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