Podcast: Cocaine Fueled Zombie Hysteria

Posted by on September 23rd, 2010

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Andrew tells the story of his father’s encounter with a mermaid. No really. Well, kind of sort of. President Bri and team plan to rob a third world country of its national treasures.

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3 Responses to “Podcast: Cocaine Fueled Zombie Hysteria”

  1. Leon Says:

    Not sure if it’s just because it’s been a month since the last episode, but this is one of my favorite episodes. Keep it up!

  2. -n8 Says:

    BB: “You wanna go where the guns are. The guns? Right here. in Texas.”
    JRY: “Dude? Dude, we’re not slouching!”
    BB: “ehh”
    JRY: “Florida’s Packing! We’re SHAPED like a gun!”

    JRY FTW, best line of the podcast.

  3. JW Says:

    As a Central Texan, I gotta say it’s the place to be in the event of a zombie outbreak. I’m a bit surprised nobody thought of staging a huge magic act to make the Great Pyramids disappear that would require a little time and unrestricted access to set up.