Podcast: Gay for science

Posted by on July 30th, 2010

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Kidnapped by scientists who dress like Nazis, but aren’t actually Nazis, the trio is pushed to try a radical new procedure that would make them temporarily gay. With the life of a young child on the line, they have to confront their own concept of sexuality and identity and make a potentially life changing choice and end up offending just about everyone. Then it gets kind of boring, but there’s a twist ending and a guy with mutant feet.

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  • Ash

    Out of my experience, the look at the words in the dream, look away and look back doesn’t always work.

    There was a game menu screen in one of my dreams that as far as I was aware of never changed. Although it didn’t have many actual words and used other symbols that made sense at the time but I would think it was a similar theory. But I doubt it actually did and just redid itself each time to what I remember it being.

    One thing I have notice; I’ve had 4 lucid dreams in my life and in all these dreams, I was me, the me I experience as I’m awake. In most dreams I remember I’m not usually quite me, strange kooky things happen in strange kooky places and it’s all fine and nothing is off because I’m not quite right either.

  • Any reason this isn't on iTunes anymore? Just wanted to make sure you guys were aware. Whens the next one comin out!?

  • When are you guys going to have the next episode?

  • Host Taste

    I don’t think I can smell/taste things while having a lucid dream.

  • i think the gay for science sanario was basied on a family guy episode!