Podcast: Dawkins sees a Double Rainbow

Posted by on July 23rd, 2010

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Special guest Dr. Karen Stollznow helps the gang plan a heist for a sacred Yeti paw. Brian and Justin get enormous glee from watching Andrew get corrected. The ethics of eating canned whale meat is debated. We also find out how ready and willing we are to be corrupted by the dark side.

Then a super secret plan (shhhh!) is hatched to get prominent skeptics tripped out on psychoactives so we can see what happens when they have their own double rainbow experience.

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Dr. Karen Stollznow’s website


7 Responses to “Podcast: Dawkins sees a Double Rainbow”

  1. Sebastian_Amunategui Says:

    Hah, you guys used my scenario!

    Good to know andrew was the only one who put his question to good use. I now know where to make my allegiances.

  2. Baxter Says:

    This show has so many great ideas! When I get caught trying them who shall I direct my lawyer to contact?

  3. Andrew Mayne Says:

    Karen. She was the adult.

  4. doctoratlantis Says:

    This was fun. I can't believe you guys talked about the Yeti and Jimmy Stewart and never mentioned TOM SLICK! What a perfect time to insert the Tom Slick cartoon theme music?


  5. Karen Stollznow Says:

    The boys need to have you on the show, Dr A.

  6. JC Says:



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