Podcast: Alien Prison Riot

Posted by on July 15th, 2010

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Andrew, Brian and Justin lay out their brilliant plan for escaping the evil clutches of alien overlords. They then realize how easily a famous psychological experiment could have gone horribly wrong if the three of them had been selected. Brian also shares with the audience his disturbing camouflage technique. Plans for a mission to an Indian massacre are discussed.

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4 Responses to “Podcast: Alien Prison Riot”

  1. Sebastian_Amunategui Says:

    wow, another! Love it guys.

  2. xalidus Says:

    Great podcast, gentlemen.

    I do like the forest fire solution that Andrew suggested. The Predators see with thermal vision, and so a huge fire would effectively blind them. Even the smoke and air above the fire would be somewhat heated. Sure, they can switch their vision to a different spectrum, but I would think a few of them would die in the initial moments of blindness. Running around, momentarily blind, during a forest fire isn't the safest thing for an alien creature to do.

    Just like your solution to the little green abductors, it shows the aliens not to screw with humanity, because we have had thousands of years of experience at doing crazy, messed up stuff. The aliens have spent their history becoming advanced space travellers and evolving into a species that's united for a single goal or motivation (experimenting on humans or hunting them). And we're experts at breaking, burning and eating stuff.

    Yay humanity!

  3. Nick Says:

    You guys are churning these out 🙂

  4. TiredCanadian Says:

    Wow , who lit the fire under youse guyses asses thus causing you to podcast on such a regular basis?? I hope it was your fear of the Sharktopus that did it ! That is all.