Podcast: Genocidal omnivores

Posted by on March 26th, 2010

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The brain trust make their case for ambivalence towards eating whales, primates and genocide in general.

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14 Responses to “Podcast: Genocidal omnivores”

  1. karhax Says:

    So sad that you did not talk about the topic I sent to Andrew.
    It even had a horrible Brian scenario.

  2. Andrew Mayne Says:

    Settle down. We didn't get to a lot of stuff.

  3. AaronJones Says:

    Good episode! living in Japan well, I have tried whale. I was at a party and there was whale, and I could not resist trying. If I didn't eat it I guess it would have been wasted. Now I would never order it myself but since it was there I gave it a try. Its like tough beef but with a better taste. That was like 7 years ago. I actually havent been to a place since then where it has been servered or even on the menue.

  4. Cadmian Says:

    The second that the comment about whales came up I could not stop thinking “What would whale taste like?”.

  5. nihilism Says:

    I've always thought whale ranching would be a good business.

  6. Kevin Says:

    Guys, I was totally stoked when I saw another episode on itunes. I know they come out about once a month and I gotta say you guys are doing really great work. You have become one of the MUST listen to podcasts on my list. I love how the topics are wide open and you never know what to expect each episode. I like the music in between topics and punchlines, its a clever effect. A few things from me….1 Andrew got me to watch Spartacus and he was absolutely right about the show kind of sucking in the first two episodes and then getting awesome, so thank you. 2 If Justin is editing, which I think I heard you say he does, hes doing a great job, he breaks it up well 3 The neanderthal conversation was interesting as hell, as well as the whole viking news 4 I did hear about the whales in the restaurant but nobody really covered it as interestingly as yous guys did, you kind of took it to a new level and made me think about it in different ways, hearing that same news from other sources just repeating the same bullet points over and over proves that you guys make the exact same story fun and interesting 5 I also did hear about an exploding whale recently that they loaded with dynamite, but hell…no naturally exploding whale, that is far superior and learning that information blew my face off 6 My favorite line from Brian ever is “And the pig turns and says, “Please don't take my brain out.” 7 My favorite scenario Andrew ever told was the one about Houdini, it blew me away and I still think about it to this day…that was totally sweet–I couldn't believe it was a story Houdini actually claimed, I mean crazy right? 8 I think people underestimate Justin's ability to impersonate people from the 30s and 40s, or maybe its the 20s, regardless, that voice is hilarious 9 Maybe its just me, but I often mistake the object in Andrews hand on your logo as a milk shake rather than a candle and it looks like hes about to take a sip…I'm pretty sure its just me. 10 I just realized that if he had a milk shake in hand, it would almost be better because his candle is pretty much insignificant with the addition of Brian's torches. It might even protect him better than the candle. He could throw it in the monster's face blinding it. 11 Brian's suggestion of subjecting actual people to your scenarios after proven success and riches really proves he is a dictator in disguise, proven by his actions after even the slightest hint of hypothetical power granted to him. He plays on indecisiveness and portrays an ethical family man… until the idea of power consumes him and he wipes out millions with the first few strokes of his almighty pen given the opportunity. Strange how you think you know somebody. 12 INVISIBILITY. Fact-the second you share your power with anyone you've ruined all the fun. Period. Take a look at every story of every person whoever had a cool power and realize their fun ended as soon as they either told their friends or were discovered. 13 Reparations for neanderthals–hilarious. Statement – Neanderthals are dumb. Absolutely proven. 14 Brians take on Tron…peaked my interest. I never cared about it before but now I'm suddenly interested, what can I say? He sold me on it. 15 UFOS – I agree with Brian, we are frickin boring and they don't care about us because were violent apes, You guys do your best to be optimistic, but Brian's right when it comes to aliens. I mean try your best to keep hope alive, but in this case Brian is the voice of reality. I wish I could say no, Justin and Andrew are right, and I wish they were, but I think they need to realize that humans are self serving douche bags. Were tribal, monkey-like, and our technology is hindered by egos and greed. The reality of it sucks but science is based on fact not false hopes. Perhaps I speak out of my ass, perhaps. But to me, Brian speaks true, and I heard the pain in your voices and the passion that rose up when he delivered you this news. It was like he pleaded with you to consider that wresting or Jesus was fake. But you hung on anyway, claiming he was the fool, and that he spoke unwise. And for this I pity you and your blind faith. 16 Love the podcast guys, I always have fun listening and thanks for taking the time to do it.

  7. Brian Brushwood Says:

    best. comment. ever.

  8. Brian Brushwood Says:

    best. comment. ever.

  9. Andrew Mayne Says:


    You seem to have forgotten that I'm the one who say there isn't likely to be any intelligent life out there at all. None. Zero.

    Now whose the one with the blind faith?

    Please resume your adorable man crush on Brian.



  10. darcy_m Says:

    i love this podcast. imo its the best skeptical podcast around, just three interesting people talking about interesting stuff

  11. Ashton Says:

    Awesome episode/Podcast! I just wish there was s new episodes weekly instead of monthly. Keep them coming!

  12. xalidus Says:

    Excellent podcast, gentlemen. I discovered your show while searching for bizarre songs on itunes, and I spent some time last weekend listening to all of your episodes. It's not often that I find something that's as strange, thought-provoking, hilarious and disturbing as Weird Things.

    Keep up the good work. I look forward to any and all future episodes.

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  14. dominic Says:

    Andrew, will we be seeing a new episode soon? I've been going over the past few episodes and am really looking forward to you and Justin tormenting Brian with more weirdness soon.