Was Kennedy Advised By Little Green Men?

Posted by on June 4th, 2009

Penn Bullock reports:


George Adamski is one of the original, pioneering Ufologists. In 1946, while watching a meteor shower (when lights tend to streak through the night sky), Adamski and his friends noticed a cluster of lights in formation that they immediately identified as an alien mothership. Again that year, at the same California campgrounds, Adamski purported to take a photograph of a “cigar-shaped” mothership sailing in front of the moon. In 1950, the Caribbean island nation of Grenada put that photo on a stamp commemorating “1950: The Year of the UFO.”

Once a hang-out for flying saucers, the campgrounds where Adamski made the sightings have become a magnet for Japanese tourists.

Before Adamski died in 1962, leaving behind a rich legacy of UFO research, he may have served as a crucial interlocutor between an extraterrestrial civilization and world leaders on Earth. In October 1961, Adamski is purported to have gained access to President John F. Kennedy; he passed on to the President an message from his alien contacts warning of an impending world crisis. Exactly a year later to the month, in October 1962, the Cuban Missile Crisis broke out. Some maintain that the alien prophesy, which Adamski conveyed to John F. Kennedy, prevented World War III.

Even more mysteriously, there have been suggestions that the aliens’ letter to Kennedy also contained an invitation to meet with them in California. According to Phantoms and Monsters, a website that details these matters, “there is important circumstantial evidence that President Kennedy accepted the invitation.”

The burning question Weirdthings is left to ponder: did little green men shoot Kennedy and frame Oswald? They would’ve been camouflaged perfectly on the grassy knoll.

Here is a snippet of a documentary about Adamski’s purported meetings with the pope, in which he delivered a gold medal possibly manufactured by aliens:

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