When Vultures Collide

Posted by on March 28th, 2009

Imagine this: You’re in the car, sipping on your morning coffee, jamming along to the radio…then whack…vulture to the face!

Disney’s Junglebook has lead us all to believe that vultures are the inane hippies of the bird family. Vanessa Hurtado knows better. Her pleasant morning was ruined abruptly when a turkey vulture crashed through her windshield. Thankfully she lived to tell the tale. The vulture was not so fortunate. An NBC New York article about the incident informed us that this isn’t the first time a Vulture/Motor Vehicle incident has occurred in New Jersey. In 2004 a motorcyclist took a vulture to the head and did not survive.

If you think those sound like bad days, a woman boating in Florida last year was killed when a 200 pound eagle ray soared out of the water and slammed into her body. Both the ray and the woman were killed on impact. So the next time you feel safe operating a motor vehicle or boat, just remember, you’re not safe on land or at sea.

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