The Golden Fountain of Youth

Posted by on March 17th, 2009

We are pleased to announce that the 5th World Congress on Urotherapy is coming up in November, 2009! For those of you not in the uriknow, Urotherapy or Urine Therapy is an alternative medicine that uses human and other animal urine as treatment for a wide range of illnesses.

Modern medical science contends that there is no evidence to support the conclusion that Urine has any medicinal or therapeutic application whatsoever. Still, many Uropaths claim that where there’s steam, there’s curative urine. The mission statement page of the World Congress states that Urine Therapy is one of mankind’s oldest medicines:

The word URO comes from the Greek that means urine and Therapy means treatment. The Urotherapy has always existed, is the oldest therapy of humanity and one of the first therapies created by God, it is older than the Chinese Medicine. One of the oldest therapies utilized by man and applied with wisdom by mystic and intuition. The Urotherapy was born in all Countries at the same time. In the Old Testament it is mentioned in Proverbs chapter 5 versus 15 thru 18th. These remedies are written in the oldest written book known as The “Gootour Schastar” from 6000 years B.C., with recopies, medications, treatments based on drinking or applying his or her urine. THE UROTHERAPY has always existed, it is a method commonly known as Urinetherapy to different cultures long times past such as the Egyptian ferrous, Tibet Lamas, Greeks and Romans.

Though humans have been imbibing their own urine and rubbing it on their skin to cure every ailment under the sun for centuries, Urine Therapy still enjoys wide followings in many countries. India, for example, is home to popular medications such as Dr. Jain’s Cow Urine Therapy and former Indian Prime Minister Morarji Desai credits the regular therapeutic usage of urine with his longevity.

Flying in the face of the conventional medical establishment the site boldly proclaims the scientific principle of Urotherapy:

It is the realization of immunologic test of a fix surface, it revels the simultaneous presence of antibodies in the blood. For the patient that has a determinate disease, at the same time you may find specific antigen in the urine. The antigen is that which the patient eliminates in his urine, it is a protein non-toxic, produced by the body itself. When a daily intake of this urine is taken, the immune system of the body reacts and “learns” to combat the external agents, along with this it is very efficient in the elimination of cancer cells.


According to the site, Urine Therapy can be used to cure everything from Cancer to Diabetes. So if urine therapy sounds like the thing for you go join this years organizer, the appropriately named Dr. Ryosuke Uryu, and his band of merry lecturers in Guadelajara. Or if you can’t afford the trip, apply the experimental method at home and try it out (tell us about it and send pictures). Who knows? Maybe what you need to cure your next hangover isn’t a cold shower, but a golden shower.

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    I like your article regarding Urotherphy. I am very open and agree with urine therpy and uses it for varies purposes. Please continue to send me more info. Do you have any info on the next “5th world congress on Urotherpy”?