New Device Makes Ghostbusters Obsolete!

Posted by on March 21st, 2009


This new device may put ghostbusters and exorcists everywhere out of business. Our friends at have posted an article about a Thai company’s claim that they have invented an in-house “Ghost Repeller”. The Trisaksri Ghost Repellent Machine looks kind of like an old school toaster. The inventor claims that it recognizes and repels evil ghosts and spirits using a video camera that is specially designed for low magnetic fields or natural phenomena:

How it works ?

Trisaksri Ghost Repeller © composed of complex electronic circuit. The video camera was special designed to capture the invisible and inaudible signal generates from natural phenomenon such as ghost or spirit. The signal was then converted to radio signal and transmit to KILLER WAVE. The ghost spirit will be destroyed at this process. The device output is extreamly sensitive to changes of as little as 0.5% of the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field. Generally Ghost spirit usually emit weak natural electric field which can not be measured by normal meter or can not be responded by humen senses. The device has been designed to ignore the AC fields of power lines, appliances, etc. It only interact with ghost’s and animal spirit and no harm to humen health.

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We don’t know how the inventor figured out that human and animal spirits only give off weak electromagnetic signals, but that hasn’t stopped him from testing the device all over Thailand and listing testimonials of its success on the site. Hey wait a minute! Those of us who have traveled in Thailand are familiar with Thai Spirit Houses , small decorative houses kept on the property to appease local animist spirits and attract good spirits (pictured below). Certainly the people of Thailand don’t want their good spirits being cast out with the bad. So does the ghost repeller banish all spirits or just the evil ones? Luckily our friends at Trisaksri have thought of that too. In fact, they lead off their FAQ with that very question:

windsor suites hotel sukhumvit
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* What about my house has a good spirit of our ancestor protect my family, would this machine kill their spirit ?
Ans. The machine can distinguist the phenomenon signal input, good spirit and bad spirit has its characteristic, the device will ignor or skip the good spirit.
* What happen if we unplug the machine at later time, how can we sure the ghost won’t come back again with more angry ?
Ans. The machine is smart than ghost, fear and not return. You did not battle with ghost, the machine fight with ghost for you. How can i know my house has ghost ?
* Ans.We can not tell you, you are the only person face this experience yourself. For e.g. having bad dream or nightmare every day, some abnormal noise in the night, fear in the night, etc.

If you like my product just buy it.

I like their sales pitch, it’s blunt and to the point. While the efficacy of this product seems dubious to me, Jeff Wagg from adeptly points out that he has “no doubt that this device will work as a placebo. If you think you have ghosts, and you think a device like this could work, you can think that it has.” So depending on how much the ghost repeller costs, it could end up saving a ton of money for those who would rather move than take their chances with an evil spirit.

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