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2012 Russian Doomsday Capsule

Monday, February 14th, 2011

A Russian military engineer, Evgeny Ubiyko, is building an $80,000 Doomsday Capsule designed to survive the 2012 apocalypse, as understood from folklore, television and movies. Ubiyko is building his capsule on an abandoned battery farm just outside Moscow.

“The capsule is hermetic, it’s got four layers of insulation. It can float, roll down hills, and land upside down – without being damaged,” Evgeny explains.

“It cannot be destroyed by tremors, or lava, or magnetic storms. This is where the shower will be, and the air purification systems. It can house up to four people for 40 days and costs $80,000.”

I want to reiterate this last point: the inventor claims that this capsule is impervious to LAVA.  That is something that I would like to see in action. Hey, fun fact – if the world doesn’t actually end, Evgeny says the capsules can be used as saunas or industrial fridges.  He strongly recommends that the government order several thousand immediately.


And Now… A Man In A Bender Costume Tries To Stop A Russian Street Fight

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Thanks to Weird Things reader Mark Sissions for the link.

“Super Pack” of 400 Wolves Terrorizes Russia Town

Monday, February 7th, 2011

A “super pack” of wolves, said to be 400 hundred strong, has been terrifying the Russian town of Verkhoyansk and has left more than 30 horses dead in just four days. The authorities have put together twenty four teams of hunters to try and get rid of the wolves using traps, snowmobiles, and helicopters.

“The massive group is believed to be made from hundreds of packs and has left animal experts baffled. Dr Valerius Geist, a wildlife behaviour expert, said the harsh Siberian winter – where temperatures plummet to minus 49C – had killed off the animal’s usual prey.

He said: ‘It is unusual for wolves to gather in such numbers of hunt large animal like horses. ‘However, the population of their usual prey, rabbits, has decreased this year due to lack of food, so wolves have had to change their habits.”

[Daily Mail]

Frankenstein Fail: Woman Burns Apartment Trying To Reanimate Corpse

Monday, January 31st, 2011

I came to life full of goodwill and freindship for every living creature.In the Russian city of Ekaterinburg, a woman has burned up her apartment in an attempt to bring her dead sister’s mummified corpse back to life.  Her sister died a year ago, but instead of reporting the death, she had been preserving the body IN GASOLINE.  She had been attempting to reanimate the corpse this whole time, but her latest attempt involved sticking wires from the main electrical circuits of the apartment to the gasoline soaked corpse of her sister.

“Despite what Frankenstein movies suggest, the electric current did not revive the body, instead setting it on fire.”

[RT via Phantoms and Monsters]

Strange Lights In Southern Russia

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Recently, in the city of Elista in the Kalmykia Republic, spotlights strange lights were witnessed by hundreds of residents.  The former head of the republic, and current president of the World Chess Federation, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, said that he was not surprised because he has met with these aliens before.

“Aliens told me: “You, humans, have not contributed anything to the development of the civilization, and you are cannibals. Isn’t this a manifestation of madness – being a cannibal?” the newspaper quoted the official as saying.